Abraham's Other Children The Arabs

The Arabs is a historical fiction about the descendants of Abraham’s son, Ismael.  They are called the Arabs, and today their habitat extends between the Nile River and the Euphrates and beyond.  This narrative is about their little-known ancient history, circa 1800 B.C. to 632 A.D., and their societies which were mired in ignorance for a long time, yet survived powerful empires that rose and declined.  Eventually, they were able to unify and create an empire of their own that left its print on human history and civilization.  The writing is divided into three parts with insightful narrative reflecting Arab sensibility that weaves historical events with fiction.


Saudi Arabia

A Personal Experience reflects the views and impressions about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the author who lived there during the mid-1980’s.  She writes about her unique experience of observing the results of the technological modernization of Saudi Arabia.



About The Author

Heidi Tawfik has had extensive exposure to Middle Eastern life and culture. She met her Egyptian husband while she was studying foreign languages and he was an exchange student at Vanderbilt University. She lived for five years in Egypt and Saudi Arabia which afforded her an insightful knowledge of the Arabic language, traditions and customs and enabled her in this narrative to weave fiction with historical facts and events into a colorful tapestry. She spent over ten years researching and writing this historical fiction, her second published work.

In Cairo, Mrs. Tawfik studied Arabic and Egyptian history at the American University, taught English classes to Egyptian students at the American Cultural Center and published articles about her observations on life in the Middle East.

Employed by an international company in Silicon Valley in the 1970’s, Mrs. Tawfik was involved in international business development in the Middle East and Europe.
The author speaks and writes fluent German and has a good command of Spanish and French.

She traveled extensively to Europe, the Middle East and South America and was an accomplished Flamenco dancer, piano player and oil painter.

The author is the mother of one son and grandmother to two grandchildren and has been a resident of Foster City, California for many years.

Heidi Tawfik